Noonan Genealogy

Noonan Genealogy

according to Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O’Hart,1876:

Míl Espaine and Scota

Heber Fionn the White Born Egypt, died 1698 BC Ballintogher Townland, Geisill Parish, Offaly [Kings] Leinster or at Argedros, Ireland

Conmhaoil Fionn/Convallo Born before 1650 BC Egypt, King of Ireland, died 1620 BC Munster

Eochaid Faobhar Glas Born before 1492 BC Munster, 17th King of Ireland, died 1472 BC Munster

Eanna Airgthach/Nuadh Deaglan Born before 1409 BC, 21st King of Ireland, first who caused silver shields to be made, died 1382 BC

Glas Mac Eanna Airgthach of Munster

Ros Mac Glas

Riotheachtaigh Mac Ros of Munster

Fearard Mac Rotheacta/Airereoarda/Ireroarda of Munster

Cas Clothach/Caselot of Munster

Muineamhon/Munmoin Born before 1332 BC Munster, 25th King of Ireland, first who ordained his nobles to wear gold chains about their necks, died 1327 BC Munster

Fualdergoid/Aildeargod Born before 1327 BC Munster, 26th King of Ireland, first who ordained his nobles to wear gold rings on their fingers, died 1317 BC Munster

Cas Ceadchaingneach/Cead Coingniodh/Cedehaingnigh of Muntser revived scholarship in law and poetry

Faibhe Iolcorach Munster invented fishing nets and ordained that stone walls serve as neighbors; land boundaries

Ronnach/Roan Mac Faibhe Iolcorach Munster

Rotheachta/Rothachtaigh of Munster Born before 1030 BC Munster, 35th King of Ireland, died 1023 BC Munster

Eiliomh Ollfhionach/Ellmollnaghta Born before 1023 BC Munster, died 1022 BC Munster

Art Imleach Born before 1013 BC Munster, 38th King of Ireland, died 1001 BC Munster

Breas Rioghaeta/Breishrigh Born before 961 BC Munster, 40th King of Ireland, died 952 BC Munster

Seidnae/Seadna (II) Ionaridh/Ionnarraidh Born before 929 BC Munster, 43rd King of Ireland, first who organized a paid army, died 909 BC Munster

Duach Fionn/Duaeh I Fopmm Born before 903 BC Munster, died 893 BC Munster

Eanna Dearg Born before 892 BC Munster, 47th King of Ireland, died 880 BC Munster in the 12th year of his reign with most of his retinue adoring their false god at Sliabh Mis

Lughaidh Iardhoun/Lardhein Born before 880 BC Munster, died 871 BC Munster

Eochaidh (2) Uaircheas Born before 784 BC Munster, died 777 BC Munster

Lughaidh [died 831 BC]

Art 54th King of Ireland

Olioll Fionn

Eochaidh (3)

Lughiadh Lagha/Laimhdhearg Born before 737 BC Munster, died 730 BC Munster

Reachtaidh Righdhearg called Red King for killing Ard Rí Macha of the line of Ir. Invaded Scotland to force Picts to pay full tribute. Born Munster, 65th king of Ireland, reigned 20 years, died 633 BC in battle.

Cobthach Caomh of Munster

Mogh Corb Born before 505 BC Munster, died 498 BC Munster

Fearcorb Born before 473 BC Munster, died 462 BC Munster

Adhamair Foltchaoin Born before 417 B.C. Munster, died 412 BC Munster

Gen’s 65 and 66 not given in annals

Niadh Seaghamain/Niadhsedhaman Born before 319 BC Munster, 83rd King of Ireland, died 312 BC Munster. Through his mother’s sorcery wild deer were driven home with the cows and milked. Ionadmaor/Jonadmhar Born before 218 BC Munster, 87th King of Ireland, died 209 BC Munster

Lughaid Luaighne Born before 198 C Munster, died 183 BC Munster

Cairbre Lusgleathan of Munstern

Duach Dalladh Deadha of Munster dalladh = blindness, for blinding his brother Deadha for daring to come between him and the throne, 91st King of Ireland, last of the line of Heber to rule Ireland until Brian Boromhe, died 158 B.C. Munster

Eochaid Fear Aine

Muireadach Muchna of Munster, wife Mofebhis, shown in King List as son instead of Loich Mór

Luigheach/Lioch Mór of Munster

Eanu Munchaoin of Munster

Dearg Theine of Munster settled with Darin of the sept of Lugaidh son of Ithe that their posterity should rule by turns, the other governing civil affairs, which continued for some generations

Deard (II) of Munster

Modha Neid/Magha Neid Born Bruree, Limerick, King of Munster 166, died after 166 Modha. Wife Sioda daughter of Flion or Aloin son of Fiachradh of the Eardaidhe

Mogha Nuadhah Maynooth /Nuagat/Eoghan Mor Born Bruree, Limerick, from his name Maynooth where he fought Conn [122 AD], forced Conn to divide Ireland along the Esker Riada into Leath Mogha and Leath Cuinn and requiring Conn’s daughter to marry his son, Killed by Conn 192 Magh Moylena, Fircall, King’s County alt Jan 195 Wife Beara daughter of Heber the great King of Castile.

Olliol Ollum born Bruree, Limerick died February 234. Wife Sabh/Saraid Ni Conn Ceadcathe Conn of the 100 Battles widow of Mac Niadh chief of the other sept of Darin descended from Ithe and mother of his son Lughaidh Mac Con who Olioll banished but Lughaidh collected supporters in Scotland and returned and at Magh Mucromha/Muckrove, near Athenry killed seven of Olioll’s sons and his brother-in-law Art Ean Fhear and became King of Ireland for 30 years leaving Olliol to rule Munster undisturbed.

Cormac Cas  2nd son after Eoghan Mór who was killed at Magh Mucromha became heir to be succeeded by Eoghan’s son Fiacha Maolleathan by Feach a druid’s daughter, and this alternated for many generations, Desmond and Thomond, McCarthy and Dál Cais.  died in Limerick at Dun-tri-Liag, Fort of the Stone Slabs, Duntrileague. Wife 1 Oriund of Denmark Wife 2 Samuir Ni Cumhal daughter of Fionn MacCumhal

Mogha Corb Mogha of the chariots c167- Munster

Fear Corb c198- King of Munster for seven years.     

Aeneas Tireach c232- Munster renown for impartial judgements and strict laws

Lughaidh Meann Lui Mean 286- Limerick, Munster dispossessed the Fir Bolg of county Clare, added it from Connaught to Munster.

Conall Each-Luath Conall of the Agile Steeds c312- Clare, Munster

Cas Mac Connal 347- Munster

Blad Coax his eldest son c388- Munster

Carthann Fionn Oge Mór of Munster 435-

Eochaidh Ball-Dearg Mac Carthann Fionn Oge Mor c490- baptised by Patrick lived to old age

Conall Mac Eochaidh Ball-Deargh c530

Aodh Caoimh/Comb, ‘Aodh the Gentle’ b. c.570– first Christian King of Munster crowned by St. Brendan “The Navigator” of Clonfert. His son Cathal was g-g-g-g-g-g-grandfather of Brian Boroimhe.

Cathal from whom the O’Briens, Conghalach from whom the O nEoghain O’Neill (Aodh Caomh, Conghal, Iorchlosach, Flann, Tuatha, Ionnrachtach, Niall), and Congall ancestor of O’Noonan of Thomond and South Connaught. Aodh Caomh was the first Christian king of Munster at Cashel; his poet Colm mac Leimin was influenced by St. Ita of Kileedy (just northwest of Dromcolliher) and at age 50 was baptised Colmán (‘Little Dove’; 522-604) by St. Brendan “The Navigator” of Clonfert (est. 557), himself raised by rhe mystic Ita), becoming first bishop Cloyne (two miles east of Cork City; the diosese extended to Rockchapel and Tullylease in the northwest, Mitchelstown in the northeast). Brendan and Colmán settled a dispute over the right to the throne of Munster by selecting Aodh Caoimh; Brendan consecrated Aodh as king of Munster. Colmán wrote the metrical immram praise-poem Voyage of Brendan that inspired the Navigatio Sancti Brendani Abbatis.

See Maurice Ohynnevan and his son Maurice who were both among the clergy in Cloyne diocese in 1301; the allegiance must have begun with Congall son of Aodh Caoimh.

Congall his second son b. c.615-  . “Congall is ancestor of O’Noonan of Thomond and South Connaught.” He is mentioned in the list of kings in the Annals of Clonmacnoise as Congall Kymnajor [Caiomh náire, ‘Caomh the shameful’?] in A.D. 627. The name Congall is translated as “With-fury”.

The Noonan descent from Congall is preserved in the Book of Leinster Vol. VI pp1392-3 Genelach Dáil Caiss:






Eocho Inmaine. Eocho Inmaine meic Inrectaig m. Tuathal m. Flaind m. Irchosaig m. Congaile m. Aeda m. Conall m. Eochaid Ballderg m. Carthend Finn m. Cas m. Conaill Echlúath m. Lugdech Mind.